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Home > Important Temples & Religious Places > Goddess Kanaka Durga Devi Temple, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Goddess Kanaka Durga Devi Temple, Vijayawada


Goddess Kanaka Durga Devi, the famous temple is situated in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Pilgrims who prays with sincerely and with utmost devotion will be blessed with health, wealth and all. Hereunder, we give the amount to be sent for performing various pooja for the benefit of the viewers.

Those who have the intention of performing the pooja may send money along with their name and gotra to The Executive Officer, Sri Durga Malleswara Swami Devastanam. Indrakeeldri, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

1. Sri Ammavari Sahasra Namarchana for one day 50.00
2. Sri Ammavari Astotatara Namarchana for one day 25.00
3. Sri Malleswara Swamy Vari Rudrabhishekam for one day 20.00
4. Sri Ammavari Sahasrnamarchana (52 Fridays) 2,600.00
5. Sri Ammavari Astotatara Namarchana (52 Fridays) 1,300.00
6. Sri Malleswara Swami Rudrabhishekam (52 Mondays) 1,040.00
7. Chandi Homam for one day 516.00
8. Laksha Kukumarchana for one day 1,000.00
9. Santi Kalyanam for one day 500.00
10. Sri Chakra Navvavarachana 516.00
a) Sarpa dosha nivara 116.00
b) Sahasra Namarchana 10.00
c) Astotatara 5.00
12. 52 Fridays Darshan of Ammavari Antaralayam for one 1000.00
13. Pallaki Seva 116.00
Saswata Poojas
Sri Ammavari Saswata Sahashranamarchana (52 Fridays) 26,000.00
Sri Ammavari Saswata Astotatara (52 Fridays) 13,000.00
Sri Malleswara Swamivari Saswata Abhishekam (52 Mondays) 10,400.00
Saswata Sahasra Namarchana one day in a year 500.00
Saswata Astotatara one day in a year 250.00
Pallaki Seva 1116.00
Saswata Laksha Kukumarchana 10,000.00
Saswata Sri Chakra Navaranchana 10,000.00
Saswata Kalyanam 6,000.00
Saswata Sarava Dosha Nivarana 1,116.00
Saswata Annaprasadam scheme 1,116.00
Saswata Annadanam one day for 8 persons in a year 1,116.00
Saswata Annadanam for 35 persons one day in a year 5,116.00

Those natives, who wish to perform pooja may send money by means of Money Order or Demand Draft on the above address.

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