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Home » Temples & Religious Places » Ketu Temple at Keezhaperumpallam, Tamil Nadu

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Ketu Sloka

An Astrological Analysis of Rahu and Ketu

Cats Eye, the gem ruled by Ketu

Ketu Temple at Keezhaperumpallam, Tamil Nadu

Keezhaperumpallam is situated in Nagapattinam district in the vicinity of Tiruvenkaadu near Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu in India. The temple is constructed by Chola Kings as a place of remedies for the afflictions of the nodes Rahu and Ketu. It is said that there ins an underground pass way from Keezhaperumpallam to Brihadeeswara temple in Tanjore. The presiding deity here is Lord Valampurinatha and His concert is Soundara Nayaki. There is small shrine dedicated to Lord Nagaraja. The idol of Ketu is visible throught the entrance with a Silver serpent on the arch. This place is called Vanagiri. It is rare to find an idol of Ketu with his head. This is an ancient Saivaite shrine, where legend has it that Ketu, one of the nine celestial bodies, central to astrological belief worshipped by Lord Shiva.

Ketu faces West in the Northern corridor. The Adi Devatha is Chitragupta and the Prathyathi Devata is Lord Brahma and his color is red and his vahana is the eagle . The grain associated with him is Horsegram. The flower is red lily and the fabric is multi colored cloth, gem is Cat's eye. Offering is rice mixed with the powder of Horsegram. The significations of Ketu are salvation, sight, property, land, gold, vehicle, fame, wife, children, knowledge, business, happiness and unexpected gains.

Ketu birth according Stala Purana

When the Devas and Asuras churned the ocean of milk with Mount Mantara as the churning stick and snake Vasuki as the rope, the snake, unable to bear the pain emitted poison. The devas and the demons feared the ill effects of the poison and prayed Lord Shiva. The Lord Shiva swallowed the poison but Goddess Parvathi rushed to prevent Him swallowing of the poison and so it got stuck in His neck. Due to this, the Lord Shiva is called Neela Kanta and His throat turned blue with the poision. Vasuki, the King of serpents did penance and worshipped Lord Shiva for years, beseeching forgiveness. The Lord appeared before the snake, pleased with its prayers. He blessed the snake to be enshrined in a temple in the bamboo forest and relieve the devotees from the ill effects of Ketu one of the navagrahas.

The nine navagraha deities are generally found in small, special square enclosure in every temple. No visit to a temple is complete, without the devotee offering worship at this enclosure. A copper plate with the Navagrahas inscribed on them is often to be found in the puja room in Hindu households as Navagraha are believed to determine the course of our lives. The knowledge of Navagrahas has lived in the minds of millions of India and they have been celebrated and worshipped in sloka, stothra, sculpture and music. The importance of Navagraha worship has been stressed by ancient saints and Maharishis and references are available in the sacred writings. Natives afflicted by Ketu are stricken with fears of dacoity, bad habits, loss of property, poisonous bites, loss of face, leprosy, putra dosha etc.., By praying Lord Ketu one can get rid of the afflictions.

According to astrology, Ketu's effects are that of similar to Mars but this is only one way of describing the malefic effect and power of Ketu. Ketu can be more destructive if it is inauspiciously positioned in the horoscope. Ketu destroys the potency of the planet with which it is conjunct, making the planet behave in an uncontrollable manner. All days are special in the Ketu temple at Keezhaperumpallam. Abhishekam to Lord Ketu is performed daily by 8.30am. Prodhoshams are very special occasions. Six worship services are offered at the Ketu temple. The main temple is open from 5.30am to 12 noon and 4pm to 8pm but Ketu shrine is kept open throught even during 12noon to 4pm. One can worship Matsyavathara Purusha to appease Ketu graha. Feeding the fish is also recommended.

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