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Effects of Moon in 8th House

Chandran Temple, Thingalur

As Chandra was very much handsome and legible, Daksha Prajapathi gave all his 27 daughters to him. Instead of treating all of them alike, he neglected all the other 26 wives and spent most of the time with Rohini, Prajapathi advised Chandran to treat all his 27 wives equally. But Chandran ignored him Daksha Prajapathi got cursed Chandran that he should suffer from a wasting diseases. Then, Chandran prayed to Lord Shiva in Thingalur to save him from the curse. Saving him Lord Shiva ordered that Chandran should remain in the temple in Thingalur and should give relief to those, suffering from all the aspects of Chandra's adverse placement in their horoscopes and offering prayers to him. So, such people who are affected by the adverse positions of Chandra in their horoscopes offer prayers to Lord Katharina, Goddess Sri Periyanayaki and Chandra Baghavam by offering prayers.

Chandra is one of the biggest planet illuminating the sky. It is the second planet among the Navagrahas and control our human mind. Sage Atri was ordained by Brahma to construct the worlds and the Maharshi went into a deep meditation. Divine light emanated from the eyes of Atri. The Dikpaalakaas could not bear the light and through it into the sea of milk, Chandra and Lakshmi were born out of the sea. Thus Chandra is the brother of Lakshmi. He is also described as the left eye of Lord Vishnu. During the churning of the seamilk, elixir was produced. Lord Vishnu, in disguise as Jaganmohini, distributed the elixir among the gods. Two daanavas by name Rahu and Ketu by stealth tried to drink the elixir. At that time Chandra hinted to Lord Vishnu about the cheating of Rahu and Ketu. Vishnu beheaded both with his Sudarshana Chakaram. That is why Rahu and Ketu entertain a grudge of Chandra him on some days by eclipsing him.

It is believed that Chandra was born from the intelligence of the almighty. Silver is the favorite metal. Fasting on Mondays and worshiping of Lord Shiva, adorning pearls on the body, donating rice, white cloths, sandal, sugar etc., should be done to beseech Chandra. The natives who were afflicted with the planets can get some relief by performing pujas and offering Lord Shiva, Goddess Periyanayaki and to Chandra Bhagavan. In the Tamil Month of Panguni on the Poornima, the day before and on the succeeding three days, the rays of the rising moon fall of Lord Shiva. The rare phenomenon occurs only in Thingalur and not any where else. Pujas performed on full moon days and every Mondays and very special in the temple. Chandra Bhagavan whose dress is white and his grains were paddy and raw rice. He has to be offered with raw rice pudding mixed with jaggery, white flowers and white clothing is believed that this puja will remove obstacles in the native's life.

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