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Home > Personalities > Prediction on the formation of Telangana State

Prediction on the formation of Telangana State

The separate Telangana State has gained momentum with the fast unto death undertaken by the TRS party president K Chandrasekhara Rao. The Congress High Command in principle has agreed to take necessary steps for formation of Separate Telangana State, a new state is in the offing in the Indian Republic. In view of the above, after careful analysis indicates that there is every possibility of separate Telangana well before 2014.

Before starting the political analysis, let us peruse the historical events that led to the formation of Separate Andhra State and later formation of Andhra Pradesh (Visalandra0. Soon after the Indian Independence, the Central Government haws appointed Thar committee to explore the possibilities for linguistic states in India. That committee rejected the proposal for formation of states based on linguistic principle in its report dated July 17, 1948. With this, the aspirations of Telugu speaking people of Andhra to have a separate State of their own were deeply hurt. Potti Sriramulu started his indefinite fast on October 19, 1952 in Madras for obtaining separate Andhra State. After 58 days fast, he breathed his last on December 15, 1952. The entire Andhra area became a furnace and people of Andhra created devastation for separate State. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru announced in Parliament on December 19, 1952 that the Central Government is willing to give separate State to Andhra and appointed Wanchoo committee to draft the modalities. This committee gave its report on October 1, 1953 with Kurnool as its capital. In November, while the State is running Moon bhukthi, Hyderabad province also merged with Andhra State making the State as Andhra Pradesh.

At the time of formation of Andhra State, it has been running the dasa of 4th and 7th lord Guru. It is placed in the tenth house. On November 1, 1956, when it is running Guru dasa Ravi bhukthi, area of the State increased with the addition of Telangana districts in to Andhra State and formation of Andhra Pradesh State. At present, Andhra State is running Sukra dasa with Kuja bhukthi, wherein family quarrels, destruction of agricultural crops and loss of comfort to people occurred. Sukra, as the lord of the second and ninth badly placed in the twelfth will let loose troubles in public life and encourage divisive forces.

Andhra Pradesh State is now running Sani dasa with Kuja bhukthi indicating decisions for change of place. Sani being the forth and fifth lord placed in the second for Tula lagna is the causative for losing the hard earned wealth. If Hyderabad is given to Telangana State, then the Capital of Andhra Pradesh has to be stationed elsewhere. Hence, change of capital of Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad is indicated.

Possible formation of Telangana State

Rahu and Kuja are two planets causative for divisive forces, explosion, rebellion and partion. It is in these sub periods that the actual formation of Telangana State will materialize. Andhra State indicates that January 2014, when Sukra-Rahu period will be coming to a close, separation of State is possible. Andhra Pradesh chart indicates tat in the dasa of Sani and Rahu bhukthi ie., during September 2013, Telangana will be formed. This period will be a testing time for Andhra Pradesh State, as once again many controversial issues regarding Hyderabad, security to settlers etc., will crop up. Large scale public unrest, disturbance to public life and loss of many lives are indicated. Over all it is indicative that separate Telangana State will be announced during June 2013 to January 2014 and there is every possibility of Andhra Pradesh is going to loose Hyderabad.

The predictions are only indicative and need not be construed that it will definitely happen.

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