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Home > Personalities > India in 2010 - an Astrological perspective

India in 2010 - an Astrological perspective

During the year 2010, India will witness a year of instability with both up and downs. Law and order will be unstable to some extent. During the year Saturn will be moving in Kanya Rasi while the lord Guru is moving in Kumba Rasi, the weakness of law and order will surface. General public will gradually loose faith in legal system and the problems of rising prices, corruption, terrorism and unemployment will emerge due to the Guru in Kumba Rasi. Kuja being at a lower stage will cause electricity shortage and gives rise to problems like fires and explosions while on the other hand, there is strong possibility of earthquakes, landslides, floods and other natural calamities. There is every possibility of some terrorist activities and foreign intrusions can occur at places like New Delhi, Assam, Bengal, Kashmir and some southern parts of the country. Peace is likely to be disturbed in these states.

As far as political point of view, this year will be peaceful to some extent. The opportunistic trend will continue and elections will be held in some State in the year. The Legislative Assembly elections in Haryana, Maharastra and other States will not turn out into clear majority. However, the Congress headed government at the Centre had no danger during the year. But, the government may face challenges at many fronts or to get along with its other assisting parties or it may have to handle differences of opinion with them but these issues will be resolved. The AICC president Sonia Gandhi natal chart is very powerful and as such she will be famous at international level. Her status will rise in India as well as overseas. Her importance will evaluated with merits. For the Bharatiya Janata Party, this year is not a smooth sailing. The regional parties will steal the show in the State elections and there will be no clear mandate. There is a change of political situations in Haryana and Maharastra. In this connection, it is indicated that there is a strong possibility of the change in power in Southern States.

In the front of financial conditions are concerned, petroleum and oil prices will break all barriers and people will be bound to look for other options. Due the rise in the prices of oil products, the cost of transportation will be on the high side. Essential commodities will be on the rising side. Indian rupee will further go down against dollar and overall there will be a sharp rise in grocery items making the people panic. As metal prices are linked with oil prices and other factors, there is every possibility of showing high rise in gold, silver and other expensive metals. Some new scandals will come to lime light. The stock market during the year will be on the rise and however, it may face a set back in the middle of the year and will regain after August. Over all analysis indicates that India is likely to face some challenges with mixed results and the poor and below poverty line are at threat. Intelligence officials have to be more cautious in all aspects to save the country from terrorists and have a lot of work in catching the fish of corruption.

January 2010

During this month, the Central and States' police machinery should be more careful as there is every possibility of being attacked by terrorist organization. After January 15, 2010, there is every possibility of change of a Chief Minister of a state. Earthquakes are likely to occur in some parts of the country. President's rule in a State is on the cards.

February 2010

One of the prominent person's life is at threat. After 15 of this month, there is every possibility of change of a Chief Minister especially in southern States. Southern states will be under the grip of natural calamities.

March 2010

This month indicates that it is a tough time for major political leaders across the Country. Interference of Judiciary in government affairs is indicated.

April 2010

There is every possibility of increased accidents during the month.

May 2010

In one state, there is a reshuffle in the cabinet. The Andhra Pradesh State capital will be submerged.

June 2010

One important don or black market will be held by the police authorities. Increased communicable diseases is on the cards. Imposing heavy taxes on the general public may be noted. One of the important person may cause a surprise due to his demise.

July 2010

The government may likely to pass an Act to regulate the prices of yellow and precious metals during the month.

August 2010

Air accidents may occur and tremors may cause heavy loss . There is a severe difference of opinion between the top leaders. In southern country, especially in areas of north south, some undetectable diseases may throw a challenge to doctors.

September 2010

Due to sudden change in atmospheric conditions, people are put to severe health problems

October 2010

Industrial unrest is on the cards causing heavy financial loss. Strikes etc., will take place. Law and order will be out of control.

November 2010

Due to earthquakes in some parts of the country may cause heavy human as well as financial loss is indicated.

December 2010

Iron and allied materials prices will shoot up. In southern states, essential items will be out of reach of the common man. One of the important political leader may pass away.

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