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October 10, 2017: Chita Karthe, Ghotaka Panchami

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October 15, 2017: Rama Ekadasi

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Horoscopes of Telugu Film Actor Balakrishna

Shri Nandamuri Balakrishna was born on 10th June 1960 at 6.30 IST at Madras.

Thithi is Suklapaksha Padyami, Friday with Moola 1st pada. His Rasi is Dhannus with Subha yoga.

Planatory position of Shri Balakrishna at the time of birth are as under:

Mithuna lagna with Budha association, Rahu is in Simha Rasi, Guru, Sani and Chandra are in Dhannus, Ketu is in Kumba Rasi, Kuja is in Meena Rasi and Ravi associated with Sukra in Vrushaba Rasi.

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