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Home > Other Astrological Information > An astrological analysis on the transit of Shani 2009

An astrological analysis on the transit of Shani 2009

According to Hindu calender, Sri Virodhinama Samvastaram Bhadrapada Bahula Panchami, Wednesday night at about 00.05, Lord Shani Bhagavan moves into Bharani nakshtrayuktudaina friendly house of Kanya Rasi. For every native, Guru and Shani plays an important role in their life. Guru stays one year in a house while Shani stays two and half years in a house. Out of all the planets, Shani transits very slowly and that is why Shani is also called 'Mandeswarudu'. Till now, Shani in enemy's house and aspects Rahu causes havoc. However, during the month of May, Guru transits in Makara Rasi and controls the political situation in the country. Shani transits into favourable house and friendly house Kanya Rasi on September 9, 2009 and stays there up to November 15, 2011 and then transits to Tula Rasi and from May 16, 2011 and retrograde on August 4, 2012 in Kanya Rasi.

Shani is the incarnation of Kurmavatara and as such natives pray Him 'Neelajana samabhavam, Ravi putram yamagrajam. Chaya maartanda sambhutam, tam namami sanischaram.' Shani born on Vibhavanama Samvastaram, Magha Bahula Chaturdi with Dhanista star. He is the brother of Yamadharma Raju. The graha sankya is no.8 and among the stars, 8th star Pushyami, 17th star Anuradha, 26th Star Uttarabhadra for these, Shani is the lord. Shani is the lord to Makara and Kumba Rasi while he is exhalted in Tula Rasi and debitate in Mesha Rasi. From Moon, 3,6,11 houses He is favourable and Vrushaba, Mithuna and Kanya Rasis are friendly houses while Karkata and Simha Rasis are negative ones. Budha and Sukra are friends while Ravi, Chandra and Kuja are enemies while Guru is neutral.

According to texts, Shani causes health problems especially on abdomen, bones, dental, paralysis and prolonged diseases. To minimize the negative effects of Shani naties have to wear Indraneem gem, 4 or 9 facets Rudhraksha gives immense help. Donate black grams, black berry etc., The indications that Shani gives negative results are loosing of hair fall, dying of domestic animals, delay in works, indigestion, problems with bones etc., Regular recitation of Sanistotram, Kurmapuranam. Offer pujas to Lord Venkateswara and Lord Hanuman with sindur on Saturday and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa regularly. Kurmastavam is given for the benefit of the readers.


'Namasmaranam Danyopayam
Nahisasyamoo bhavtarane, Ramhare, Krishnahare
Tamanama vadamisada Nruhare.. Mandhanachal dharana
Devasura Palayavibho..Kurmakara sarira
Namobhaktam te paripalayam'

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