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Home > Other Astrological Information > Saturn's transit and Sade Sani effects for 12 rasis from September 9, 2009

Saturn's transit and Sade Sani effects for 12 rasis from September 9, 2009

During the year, on September 9th, Saturn will transit to Kanya Rasi where it shall remain till the end of this year. Natives of Karkataka Rasi will suffer the last phase of Sade Sani while for the natives of Simha Rasi , this Sade Sani will be in its third phase. For the natives of Kanya Rasi, Sade Sani will be in the last phase. Natives of Tula Rasi, the influence of Saturn shall start to show its dominance while for other natives of various rasis, the Saturn's transit in the next two and half years, let us analyze the impact.

Mesha Rasi
Saturn in the fifth house upto September may cause hurdles in the intellectual pursuits. From September onwards, Saturn's transit to sixth may get you favour from the governmental side. Service personnel may get some promotions and transfers and improved position are quite possible.

Vrushaba Rasi
Saturn in the fourth house upto September and then in the fifth house may cause you troubles in the either case. Family tension, separation from family, journey to far off places, fluctuations in the business gains and failure in some competitive examinations are the other possibilities.

Mithuna Rasi
Saturn in the third house is very beneficial for you in every aspect upto September and you will have new jobs in your hand. New business agreements will be signed and the financial condition shall be more than satisfactory. The transit of Saturn in September to the fourth house may cause separation from the senior members of the family. Your parents may suffer some physical and mental hardships.

Karkataka Rasi
Saturn in the second upto September 9, 2009 and then in the third phase will indicate relief from all mental tensions and physical afflictions.

Simha Rasi
Mental tension and physical afflictions will continue owing to second and third positions which include failure and obstructions. After September, the second phase may cause some mental disturbance. Cruelty and anger shall rise in your behavior with growing ill will for friends and family members as well.

Kanya Rasi
The sojourn of Saturn's Sade Sani in first and second phase will cause many fluctuations. But despite much hard work, tension and struggle would keep the professional life full of travails and tribulations. Business loss and damage to one's interest are the possibilities. No work will be completed smoothly.

Tula Rasi
The first phase of Saturn's transit may prove quite advantageous and the decision taken after much deliberations may prove rewarding.

Vruschika Rasi
Some auspicious ceremony at home or construction work at the residence may be undertaken. Income will rise but expenditure will almost mount. Growth and expansion in business are the other advantageous.

Dhannus Rasi
Troubles will continue to disturb you upto September but there after, all troubles will miraculously end. However, Guru in debilitation for most of the time may make the family members remain sick causing a drain on your financial budge due to medical expenses.

Makara Rasi
Saturn will remain in the 8th house upto September causing a variety of troubles. Family members will demand more attention causing you to spend much on household expenses. After September, Saturn's transit to ninth house will brighten up.

Kumba Rasi
Confusion and hurdles in work will keep you rather perturbed upto September and there after, things will brighten up for you. You may have many jobs simultaneously in your hand. Your colleagues and subordinates will be quite cooperative and some of the natives may start a new business venture.

Meena Rasi
Saturn's in sixth house upto September may prove quite beneficial. But, subsequently troubles from progeny and married life may keep you tenterhooks. Business loss and damage in any joint venture may deplete your resources and enhance expenditure.

Natives are advised to take up necessary remedial measures to please Saturn. Offer Sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays is a must. Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will give you enough strength and will power to face the negative effects of Saturn. On every Saturday, watering a peepal tree and donating khichadi are the other measures. Offering mustard oil at Shani shrine and oil besmeared roti to a black cow or black dog every day are sometime tested measures to propitiate a recalcitrant Saturn. The natives are advised to wear an iron ring or a blue sapphire embedded ring for quick relief from Saturn caused troubles.

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