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Home > Other Astrological Information > The transit of Saturn in Kanya Rasi and its effect on twelve rasis

The transit of Saturn in Kanya Rasi and its effect on twelve rasis

Mesha Rasi

Natives may get progress and gains are indicated. Domestic happiness is assured . Some of the natives may purchase a fixed asset or construct a house. If the running directions are extremely favourable, you will enjoy all material happiness. Natives with afflicted Saturn in sixth house in the natal moon chart, can enjoy sound health. You will get gains through travels and through your communication skills. All round happiness is assured. Recognition to your work will be forthcoming. Professionals will fare well. A tolerably good time unfolds for those in services. Those running favourable directions can aspire for a level jump and get promoted. For more enhanced results , though no major remedial measures are required, daily prayers to Lord Ganesh and perform Lakshmi Ganapti Homa on your birthday.

Vrushaba Rasi

Litigation is not ruled out. Care is needed to eschew associations with low people of opposite sex. You will mentally anguished over failures in all efforts. Health of your family members can be in jeopardy or else may get into some clutches. A separation from one of your children lurks, as a consequence of some neglect in his or her affairs. Decline of prosperity and mental powers can set in. Your ambitious can get a set back. Domestic misunderstanding can make the marriage unhappy and make the life sad. Fear complex will dominate. In service personnel should be more careful while discharging their duties. Strict financial discipline is the need of the hour. Do not indulge into speculative activities. By reciting Shiva panchakshari mantra daily for 108 times and perform sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays is advised. Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will guard to you to maximum extent.

Mithuna Rasi

Natives suffering with heart ailments should be cautious and not to neglect medication. Some of the natives may get mental stress, fear and ailments. Birth of a child in the family can bring some joy. You may loose some charm. Circumstances can develop in such a way as to disturb your general interests, inflicting a change in your normal behavior. Obstinacy and desire to go on your own way can make you desolate. Disturbances at domestic front is not ruled out and separation is also indicated. Disturbed journeys are in store. Natives in the field of business should be more careful as financial loss is indicated. You must taken utmost care in respect of your social status. Service personnel may face wrath of your higher officials. Career advancement can get stuck. An emotional involvement causing a deep crisis can bring you some comfort. Powerful prayers to Lord Shani Bhagavan is needed to combat the evils. On every Friday, offer prayers to Lord Ganesh and perform sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will guard you.

Karkataka Rasi

Gone are the bad and difficult days. Good days are ahead. Some of the natives can get mental peace and good health. Success is indicated in all fronts. Some can even own a fixed asset. Unmarried can get married. With the disappearance of enemies, you can secure recognition in profession and some of you may start a new venture. Health and domestic happiness will be at peak. Inflow of money from various sources are indicated and stuck up money will be recovered. Recognition and success in efforts in business, profession, service can bring much satisfaction. No rival will dare to cross your path. Outstanding promotions or transfers can get materialized. As Saturn is favorably disposed, no specific remedies may be needed.

Simha Rasi

Slight loss in undertakings or futile wanderings apart, the period as it progress can being comfort and happiness. Family members as logger heads, can kill the peace, quite often and some relatives may be become hostile. Service personnel, despite the reproachful higher ups, no harm would result. Increased expenditure and family stress can keep you mental disturbances. Mistrust with a colleague or a dispute in the work spot can result some sort of change in your position. Take care of your personal health. Mind will be static. The period though can cause some discomforts and loss of peace of mind will not upset the applecart. On every Friday, offer prayers to Lord Ganesh and perform sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will guard you. You have to take care of your wife's health. Keep a low profile.

Kanya Rasi

You may have clashes with your relatives resulting lose of mental balance and even turn to vices. Agony to the family members and especially to a female member, from abortion or the like can result. There could even disturbance to livelihood if dasa bukthi periods are awful. Shun destructive thoughts that can attract you. Exercise more care on your personal health. Drive your vehicle with utmost care and caution. Separation from family may likely to take place. You may not have cordial atmosphere at domestic front. On financial front, you have to exercise maximum care. Reduced inflow of income and increased expenditure is on the cards. Distance yourselves from disputed areas. Try to avoid confrontations or arguments. Recite Durgasookta every day and visit nearby Goddess Durga temple on every Tuesday. Regular recitation of Lakshmi Nrusimha Karavalamba sloka will guard you.

Tula Rasi

Loss of honor, strife and even losses, if careless are some of the various kinds of grief that can witness. Series of impediments, mental agony, worries, illness to a family members, uncomfortable journeys and necessity to stay away away from home can make you mentally sick and give you sleepless nights. Domestic harmony can be impaired. Environment and people may change, much to your surprise and discomfort. However, the period will not be without some measure of prosperity to compensate all the unhappiness. Better be away from watery bodies. Businesspersons may face stiff competition. Exercise more care in financial dealings as heavy loss in indicated. Do not go for expansion of your business ventures. Offer Suryanamaskarams to Lord Sri Suryabhagavan and donate wheat grams to a temple priest on Sunday. Perform sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturday and recite regularly Hanuman Chalisa.

Vruschika Rasi

You will maintain good health and increased happiness is assured. Increased social honour is on the cards. Care and caution have to be enforced to check some possible moral laxity. There will be increase in the welfare and a small measure of prosperity with reduced ailments. You will witness all sorts of happiness. Some of your desires can be fulfilled. If you are in the field of business, you can go for expansion. Acquisition of wealth and fixed assets is assured. In service personnel can expect promotions. Fame, position, honour are some of the good things awaiting you. Some of you may get rewards. Though, no remedial measures are required, regular prayers to your family deity is advised.

Dhannus Rasi

Bewildered with grief and sickness not leaving you, it is possible that you get dejected and depressed quite often. Your social status is at threat. Keep a low profile. However, timely help will arrive to put you back on the track. This period is not at all favourable to the natives. Do not indulge into exchange of words and control your tongue. Maintain cordial relations with everyone including enemies and adversaries and especially with your family members. Your mental peace is at stake. You may likely to involve into litigations. Distance yourselves from disputed areas. This is time for you to swim against the waves. Some of the natives may forsake their job and try to secure a new one. Obstacles can arise because of your association with questionable persons. Regular recitation of Hanuman Chalisa and perform Sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays is advised. Try to take up remedial measures of Elenati Sani. Offer ginger oil to a temple on Saturday for lighting lamps.

Makara Rasi

Minor ailments and monetary problems may haunt you. For some natives so inclined, there will be hindrance to religious pursuits. A tendency to revolt can make you indulge in questionable deeds. The transit of Saturn can make you a bit of philosophical. Beware of punitive situations. Natives with natal ninth house strongly afflicted with adverse planetary positions, without any abating influences , an accident lurks. On career front, a colleague can conspire and cause you some loss.. Businesspersons with infringes any dictates of law must be careful to be on the right side of the law, as incarceration is possible. Legal difficulties can add to the privations. Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh and perform sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa regularly is advised.

Kumba Rasi

Obstacles, ailments and financial debacles can make you tired. Relatives and children may suffer. Inclination to cheat others can fetch you humiliations and disrespect as returns. On health front, you have to take maximum care. The plethora of criticism for all of your actions can make you learn the relatives, to which you were turning a blind eye, so far. Because of trouble caused by a relative, a separation from family may become necessary. On financial front, you have to exercise maximum care.. A financial crunch can stare. Indiscreet decisions in professional or business fronts or bad associations can lead you to much grief. Control your tongue and distance yourselves from disputed areas. Regular recitation of Mrutyanjaya mantra or perform homa. Offer sindur puja to Lord Hanuman on Saturday and recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

Meena Rasi

Though you can be agitated with great mental anguish, simple ailments and fear, you can become hard hearted, to brave all the challenges. Losses, genital ailments and difficulties or losses in travel can make you forlorn. A change of place is on the cards. Questionable association with people of opposite sex of low calibre or with subordinates may result and better be on the guard. You spouse needs medical attention. On career front, avoid speculative activities as they can not help. Though debt conditions can get worsened, you can manage and come out of them. A long distance travel is on the cards. You can solve the problems at your work spot. Offer prayers to Lord Ganesh on Fridays and recite prayers to Lord Ganesha Pancharana daily.

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