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Transit of Rahu and Ketu during 2009-10

After a lapse of one and half years, Rahu is entering in Dhannus Rasi and Ketu in Mithuna Rasi on November 2, 2009 at 27h 46m and will remain there for nearly one and half years ie., approximately April 2011. However, Sani will remain in Kanya Rasi aspecting Ketu from Kumba Rasi from December 19, 2009 to May 2, 2010 and from November 2, 2010 to December 6, 2010. The aspect of these two major planets on Ketu is very significant. For the natives of Mesha, Mithuna, Vruschika rasi, it is Swarnamoorty, for Simha, Dhannus, Meena Rasi natives, it is Rajata Moorty, for Tula, Karkataka and Meena Rasi natives, it is Tamra Moorty while for Vrushaba, Kanya and Makara Rasi natives, it is Loha Moorty. Let us analyze the effect of the transit on various Rasis.

Mesha Rasi:

In general, Ketu will be favourable and Rahu will prove to be inimical. Being Swarnamoorty, Rahu and Ketu will help the natives in a big way. Financial position will be sound and you will vanquish most of your enemies. However, you have to be very careful in all affairs. Occasionally, you may be subjected to mental tension. Conjugal happiness from spouse will be bestowed in the midst of some domestic worries. You will get success in all your ventures. Take care of your personal health and do not neglect even a minor ailment. On career front, your financial position will remain good. You will find a favourable atmosphere at your work spot. Some of the natives may get promotion and may also get transfers to their desired places. The transit will be good for business persons and may go for expansion. Chances of wedlock are bright. Some of you may have some difference of opinion with your spouse and do not give any scope for such things. For more benefits, natives are advised to visit Lord Kartikeya temple on Tuesdays and perform milk abishekam. Regular recitation of Durga sloka will benefit more. Wear a cat's eye in a silver ring on the little finger on the advice of an eminent astrologer.

Vrushaba Rasi

Rahu and Ketu being Lohamoorthy is adverse. You are likely to be cheated and duped by others. Unwanted happenings will give you some trouble. Business persons should be more careful. There may be losses, fear and disease. Enemies will increase. Your conjugal happiness will be marred due to misunderstanding with your life partner. With much delay and hurdles, you will get success in your ventures. Health hazard and mishaps may be the cause of worry to you. On career front, professionals life will be favourable and you will get promotion and arrears at the eleventh hour. Businessmen will be in a position to get gains and recover long outstanding dues after a prolonged battle. For more benefits, you have to worship Lord Subramaneyswara Swamy on Tuesdays. Perform milk abishekam and chant Durgastakam daily will help a lot. Wear a cat's eye in a silver ring on the little finger on the advice of an eminent astrologer.

Mithuna Rasi

Though the Nodes are unfavorable, their Swarnamoorty status will ward off many evils. You will undertake wearisome journeys and suffer fatigue. There will be delay and obstacles on your way to success. Health problems may trouble you. Some of the natives may experience financial crunch. Marital happiness will be good if you maintain your chastity. You will complete your ventures, after initial hurdles and by spending money. A romantic affair may land you in trouble. You will experience some troubles regarding free inflow of income and there will be unforeseen expenditure. Of course, savings will come to your rescue. Professionals life will be encouraging. Businessmen will find it difficult to garner huge profits and may not find stiff competition. Wedding bells will ring for unmarried girls . Chronic ailments may relapse in addition to some injuries. For more benefits, recitation of Ketu Ashtothra daily and light a ghee lamp at Ganesh Temple on Mondays.

Karkataka Rasi

Rahu is favourable for the natives while Ketu will prove detrimental. Being Tamramoorthy, the natives will get slightly help to ward off the evil results. You may enjoy good health and will win over your enemies. The sorrow, anxiety, fear etc., will be vanished. However, unnecessary fears may haunt you. Expenses will be on the high side. You will vanish your enemies and accomplish your desires and gain from your ventures. You will enjoy good domestic harmony but occasionally you may likely to have some difference of opinion. You should take more care while driving vehicles or on travel as you may likely to meet with accidents. On career front, you will not find it difficult to meet the growing expenditure and necessary investments. You will be in the good looks of your higher officials. Some of the natives may get promotion or transfer to the place of their desire. It is good time for the businessmen for expansion. After considerable delay, natives looking for marriage will tie the nuptial knot. Married women must be careful to avoid marital discard. To get more benefits, you are advised to worship Lord Ganesh and perform Ganapati Homa on you birth star.

Simha Rasi

Ketu is favorably disposed and Rajatamoorthy status of both Rahu and Ketu will remain almost favourable, barring some problems and occasional difficulties. Your likely to face embarrassing situations. Mental agitation may leave you in despair some times. Domestic worry may grapple you. Fall out with life partner can be averted and thereby you can enjoy marital life. A romantic attachment will give you emotional success. Expenditure will be on the high side. Some of the natives may likely to go out for outside borrowings. However, on career front, you will be highly enterprising and enjoyable. You will recover your arrears partially. Failure of love at the work place may greatly disappoint some of you. Businessmen may get nominal profits. Both arranged and love marriages are on the cards for girls of marriageable age. Married women should try to avoid confrontation with their better half's. For more positive results, you have to recite Durga Sookta regularly and offer prayers to lord Hanuman on Tuesday with Sindur puja. Fasting on Tuesdays will be more helpful.

Kanya Rasi

Your health seems to be vulnerable to infections and other contaminated diseases. You may not enjoy conjugal bliss due to poor health. However, one or two big undertakings will successfully completed. If you lose your discretion, you will be easily attracted by the opposite sex and pushed to a corner. Domestic peace is assured in spite of misunderstandings, you will continue to enjoy marital life. A romantic affair may be terminated abruptly. You will be able to balance your income and expenditure and some of the natives may go for outside borrowings. On career front, denial of promotion may disappoint you. Businessmen will cover their losses with marginal profits. Natives looking for wedlock will be rewarded. Married women should try to avoid confrontation with their better halfs and maintain cordial relations. For more positive benefits, you have to perform milk abishekam to Lord Kartikeya on Tuesdays and regular recitation of Durgastakam will benefit you. Better be on fasting on Tuesdays.

Tula Rasi

Rahu is favorably disposed and Ketu will prove to be inimical. The Tamramoorthy status of the Nodes will confer mixed results. You will success over your enemies. You will have regular income to meet your expenses. On health point of you, you will maintain sound health. Lack of interest and the depressed state of affairs will disturb the marital life. Change of place or residence will give you some worry. However, domestic peace is assured. On career front, you will manager your financial affairs intelligently by controlling your expenditure. There will be no surprise on career front. Some of the natives may get transfers. Those aspiring for promotion will be delayed. Unmarried girls have to wait at least for one year to hear the wedding bells. Married women will have to face worrisome problems at home. For more positive results, regular recitation of Ketu Stotra will help a lot. Perform Ganapati Homa on your birth star.

Vruschika Rasi

Though the Nodes are unfavorable their Swarnamoorty status will help you a lot to tide over all the difficulties and negative influences. You may likely to be cheated by others. Some of the natives may suffer loss of wealth and may remain unhappy and fearful. Take maximum care on your personal health. Your married life is likely to be disturbed due to misunderstandings and extra marital relations. Domestic peace will also be marred due to frequent travels. Your income will be steady but at the same time expenditure will be on the high side leading you to go for outside borrowings. Unexpected expenditure may make you a problem. Some of the natives on career front may get promotion. Businessmen should be more careful in their dealings. Natives aspiring for wedlock will find suitable grooms. For more benefits, you have to chant Ganesh Stotra daily and regular recitation of Durgastakam will help a lot. If possible, perform Durga japam.

Dhannus Rasi

Due to the Nodes get the Rajatamoorthy status, you will overcome the evil influences to a considerable extent. Your financial position seem to be tight. You will depend on savings and fresh borrowings to meet the growing expenditure. You will enjoy domestic peace despite some squabbles. Martial happiness can be resorted by friendly gestures. You will enjoy family life to the utmost. On Career front, you will be moderately rewarding. You may not avoid transfer. However, you will be in the good looks of your higher officials. Businessmen will succeed in litigation and win over their rivals. Unmarried girls will find suitable life partners. Married women will definitely put their conjugal life on the right track after some misunderstandings with their male partners. For more benefits, you have to chant Rahu stotra regularly. Offer prayers to Goddess Durga. Frequent visit to Lord Subramaneyswara Swamy temple on Tuesdays will help a lot.

Makara Rasi

You will come out successful in all your ventures and over your adversaries. By and large, you will enjoy good health. You will have peace amidst distress and anxiety. But unnecessary fears may likely to haunt you. You have to put forth extra efforts to reach your goal. As far as to prevent marital discard , you have to take maximum care. Your domestic peace will be disturbed. Occasional sickness will not be a big problem. Romantic attachments will further disturb your family life. Expenditure will be on the high side. You may have to go for extra borrowings to meet imminent demands. Professional life will be fetching. You will be in good looks of your higher officials. Some false allegation may be levelled against you. Businessmen may witness mixed results. Unmarried girls will find it difficult to tie the nuptial knot during the period. Married women may not enjoy conjugal bliss due to their indignation. For more benefits, you have to worship lord Ganesh regularly. Perform milk abishekam to Lord Kartikeya on Tuesdays. Regular recitation of Rahu stotra will help a lot.

Kumba Rasi

The transit of the Nodes in fifth and eleventh from your Moon Rasi and their Tamramoorthy status will give only mixed results. New position, health, wealth, income and social honour will give you the necessary strength. However in the emotional life especially regarding children, wife and love, you may suffer from disappoint and mental agony. You will enjoy normal conjugal bliss without any serious problem. Domestic peace is assured. A long journey will make you happy and bring fortune. You will be in a position to get regular inflow of money and gains. You will be able to control your expenditure. Some of the outstanding dues will be recovered . Businessmen especially can expect major gains and speculative gains also. For unmarried girls have to wait at least for one year. For more benefits, you have to recite regularly the Ketu Asthothranamavali daily. Perform Lord Ganapati Homa on your birth star.

Meena Rasi

Rahu's transit in the tenth house from the Moon and the Rajatamoorthy status of the Nodes will ward off the ill effects of Ketu's transit in the fourth house. Disputes regarding land, house etc., may crop up. You will get success in your ventures and undertakings. Despite changes, your social honour is assured. Conjugal life will not be happy due to change of place. Affairs of mother and siblings will be the cause of concern in the domestic front. Exercise more care on health front. Drive your vehicles with utmost care as bodily injury is indicated. Financial position doesn't look much promising. Increased expenses are on the cards. However, Professional life will be enjoyable. Service personnel may get transfers and cannot be avoided. Promotion due can be delayed. Businessmen will face initial hurdles and delay. If you are involved in any legal issue, it will be decided in your favour. Married women will lead a normal conjugal life but disturbed domestic life. For more benefits, you have to perform puja to Lord Ganapati and perform Ganapati Homa in a temple. Regular recitation of Ketu ashtothranamavali daily will help you a lot.

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