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An Astrological Analysis of Rahu and Ketu

According to Jyotish pandits, Rahu and Ketu maintains a distance of 180 degrees and moves round the Sun. They stay in a house for nearly 18 months and takes about 18 years for a complete movement of houses on astrological charts. As they happens to be nodes, they do not have any lordship in any house. However, some astrologers says that lordship is attached to Rahu for Kanya Rasi while for Ketu to Meena Rasi. But, still it is debatable one. However, Rahu in Mesha, Vrushaba, Mithuna, Karkataka, Kanya, Vruschika and Kumba rasis and the in the ninth house is powerful. They aspects from their position in a house to the fifth, seventh and ninth houses. They gives results in which house they are positioned. If in Vrushaba Rasi, gives the results of the lord of their respective houses. It may be noted that in the natal chart, if Rahu is in the first, second, third, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, he bestows positive results. Like wise Ketu in Vruschika, Dhannus, Meena rasis, he is very strong. He will give sudden results. By analyzing the position of the placement of Rahu and Ketu, we can come to know the position of native as they plays an important role. According to some texts, Rahu is called as Sarpa while Ketu is termed as tail. If all the planets are in between Rahu and Ketu, it is considered as Kaalasarpa dosha. If the native is under the influence of Kalasarpa dosha, the following sarpa sapa yogas will happens. Some of them is as under.

The above positions indicates that the native will not have children. In the natal chart, Chandra with Rahu and in the Ketu in the eighth house causes Sarpa sapa.

Some of the yogas causes due to Rahu

Kapata Yogam

Shani in the fourth house and Rahu in the twelfth house causes this yoga. This type of yoga results that there will not be any relationship with practicality vs theory.

Kroda yogam

If Rahu or Ketu in lagna with Ravi, Budha and Sukra, this yoga forms. It will leads to disputes, controversies etc., the native may have to face losses and misery.

Pisacha yogam

If Rahu with Chandra in lagna, this Pisacha yoga forms. The native will suffer with severe diseases. He will have problems with higher officials and subjected to humiliations.

Remedial measures:

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