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March 28, 2017: Ugadi / Start of Telugu New Year / Gudi Padwa (according to Dhruganitha Sindhantam), Tailabhangam, Nimbhukusuma Bhakshanam, Prapadanam, Svetha varaha kalpadi, Start of Vasantha Navratri

March 29, 2017: Ugadi / Start of Telugu New Year / Gudi Padwa (according to Poorva Ganitha Sindhantam), Sri Hemalambha Year, Arundathi Vrat, Umasivagni Pooja, Chandra Darsanam

March 30, 2016: Siva Dolotsavam, Saubhagya Sayana Vratam, Masa Gouri Vratam, Andolana Tritiya, Sukramaudhyami Tyagam

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Planets and their influence in our daily life

In our daily life, we come across various situations, which consists of both positive as well as negative. During the situations when we come across negative things we become depressive and while we feel happy when positive situations come across. I firmly believe that all these things are the effect of the planetary effects which are proved that all these things happens due to planetary effects which I experienced with my prolonged experience in the field of astrology.

As we know that there are nine Rasis viz., Ravi, Chandra, Kuja, Rahu, Guru, Sani, Budha, Ketu and Sukra and 27 stars right from Aswini to Revathi.

In our life every one passes through one or other Dasa depending upon the star and Rasi in which the native born. When the native is undergoing the adverse dasa or antar dasa, he/she may face hurdles. To overcome these, our ancient Vedas have suggested some remedial measures to minimize the negative effects.

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