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Home > Other Astrological Information > Unusual stay of Kuja in Karkataka Rasi and effect on India

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Unusual stay of Kuja in Karkataka Rasi and effect on India

Normally, Kuja stays in a house for nearly 45 days. Occasionally, it stays for some longer periods as well. We are currently undergoing some unusual circumstances. Kuja enters into Karkataka Rasi on October 5, 2009 and is going to say there till May 25, 2010, becoming retrograde in the meanwhile by the year end up to the first week of March 2010. This is an unusual event when Kuja stays in the Rasi over seven and half months, for more than half the year and that too in a house of debilitation.

With Tula rising, Kuja becomes the lord of the second and the seventh. Debilitated, it is positioned in the tenth co joined with Ketu and aspects lagna of the third and the sixth, debilitated and retrograde Guru aspects Kuja and also Sani, the lord of the fourth. The mutual aspect between Kuja and Guru will prevail till December 19 and even after that, Kuja will continue its aspect on Guru though Guru cannot reciprocate. The moderating influence of Guru on Kuja, by its aspect will be minimal, because of debilitation. After its entry in Kumba Rasi, even the meek control will be absent making Kuja the monarch of all its surveys, free to pour out is intimidating influence on the mundane matters. With its opposition to Rahu, it can incite violent communal or sectarian clashes in the country. Its aspect on the lagna, being the lord of the second and seventh, can create some tremors in administration with a possible shuffle or changes in the cabinet. With Ravi having entered its debilitation rasi on the October 17, just prior to the occurrence of the New Moon, getting the aspect debilitated Kuja and the lord of the eleventh exchanging its position with lagna lord, is suggestive of major government authorities or prominent persons in public life getting a jolt, during the extended stay of Kuja in Karkataka Rasi. The lagna lord, being also the lord of the eighth house in the eleventh, though can indicate the strong will of the government to contain any lawlessness and maintain law and order, cannot perhaps permit to do so, without some sacrifices. Guru, retrograde and debilitated in the fourth, can cause some ripples or create an activism in the judiciary of the country before it leaves to Kumba Rasi. As Mars will be transiting the Janma Rasi of the Indian Independence chart, during this spell, it can cause sudden explosive situations at boarders and other sensitive regions of the country. Death of a notable personality, ideological conflicts in alliances, disclosure of some scams and far reaching changes in an opposition party are some of the possible events that could be foreseen.

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