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Home > Other Astrological Information > Transit of Guru in Kumba Rasi and its impact on your Sign

Transit of Guru in Kumba Rasi and its impact on your Sign

Natives evince more importance on the the transit of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter and how it causes on the native position. Especially, natives who are under the pressure of financial matters, the transit of Jupiter gives rise new hopes. Like wise, those unmarried, debt ridden natives, natives aspiring promotions etc., Jupiter plays an important role. Jupiter moves from Makara Rasi to Kumba Rasi on May 1, 2009 and stays there for three months and again it transits in retrogression on July 30 to Makara Rasi. During this gochara, Jupiter is equivalent to Saturn which is not favorable in general. Jupiter gives more negative results but at the same time gives mixed results to some natives. Let us analyze the impact of Guru to various rasis.

Mesha Rasi

For the natives of this rasi, according to gochara Jupiter will be in the eleventh house which is a favorable one. Financial gain is indicated due to Jupiter tranist in Kumba Rasi. Improved financial position, social status is indicated to the natives. Natives will enjoy a happy moments during the period. Natives aspiring for marriage will get good matches and all round prosperity is on the cards.

Vrushaba Rasi

Jupiter is in the tenth house according to gochara gives a negative effect. During this period, the natives have to be more careful in all affairs especially in financial matters. Your social status is at threat. Negative trends are on the cards and exercise more care on the health of your father. Natives in the field of business should not go for expansion.

Mithuna Rasi

Jupiter is in the ninth house for the natives of this rasi. It may create new hopes to the natives. The problems and uneasiness faces so far will get some relief. During the period, the natives will get good relief in all aspects and all wishes will be fulfilled. As Jupiter is in bhagyastana, improved financial gain is indicated. Some of the natives will show interest on devotional activities. Improved concentration is indicated. Over all this transit is a good one to majority of the natives.

Karkataka Rasi

Jupiter is in the eighth house which is not favorable. Negative trends are more than the positive ones. Be careful in all aspects. If you are suffering from any health problem, do not neglect and take proper medical care else you may likely to land into trouble. Journeys may not be fetching. Exercise utmost care in matter of finance. Some of the natives may likely to borrow funds to meet emergencies. Do not use harsh words.

Simha Rasi

Guru in Kumba Rasi is not at all favorable to the natives of this rasi. Utmost care to be taken in all aspects. Some of the natives may be under trouble at job front. Your friends will turn to be enemies. You may have to face hurdles in day to day life. Be prepared to face the challenges. Change of job or place is indicated during the period.

Kanya Rasi

Jupiter is favorable to the natives. Jupiter is in Kumba Rasi is favorable one. Natives suffering from health problems may recover during the period. But caution has to be exercised on health front and advised not to neglect even a minor ailment and needs proper medical treatment. Especially, you have to take care of your wife's health. Do not give scope for any misunderstandings with your family members. If such a situation arises, try to patch them up.

Tula Rasi

Jupiter is in the fifth house that is very much favorable to the natives. Fortune will give a helping hand to the natives. If you are suffering with any problems, it will be solved with much ease. For the natives who are searching for good matches will get materalized. This is good period for natives. You may undertake some auspicious functions at your house or may participate. If you are in the speculative field, you may get good profits. The level of self confidence will increase and some of you may make new plans that will be fruitful in the days to come.

Vruschika Rasi

Jupiter is in the fourth house for the natives is not that much of favorable. Uneasiness and some hurdles causes mental tension. Some of the natives in the field of job may likely to be moved. Exercise care and caution in respect of fixed assets and financial matters otherwise, you may likely to have problems with your relatives. Maintain cordial relations with everyone despite the fact that it is against your consciousness. Take care of your mother's health. Chronic patients need special medical attention.

Dhannus Rasi

Jupiter is in the third house. Negative trends are more compared to positive ones. Physical stress will be more. Relations with your family members are at threat. Try to maintain cordial relations and do not give scope to any one and put forth efforts to patch it up. Be sincere at your job spot else you may land into troubles. Your social status is likely to be at threat. Try to postpone long distnce travels.

Makara Rasi

Jupiter is in the second house and gives more positive benefits to the natives. As the second house is labastana, natives may get finances from different angles. It is the right time to amass wealth. Money held up will be recovered. If you are facing any problems so far, it will gradually come down. Marriageable aged children will get good matches and will be materialized. Improved social status is on the cards. Your level of self confidence will increase.

Kumba Rasi

Jupiter is in your own house that may not give the expected positive results. Natives may not get the desired recognition for the work they did. Delay is indicated at all levels. You may not winess improvement despite your hard work. Some of the natives may likely to be forced to undertake travels. In service personnel may likely to get transfer of not their choice.

Meena Rasi

Jupiter will give some mixed results to the natives. Natives may likely to spend more money on devotional purposes. Take care of your personal health. If you are a chronic patient, you have to take more care on health front. Exercise more care on financial front. You may likely to face some unwarranted comments during the period. Be prepared to face such situations and do not give much importance to them. If you do not maintain cordial relations with your spouse, there is every possibility of of having difference of opion that may lead to anything.

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