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Everything you need to know about Elenati Shani / Sade Sani

People in India, since the ancient times, have been fearing a what is considered to be a painful and problematic period on mental, physical and financial fronts the Elenati Shani (Sade-Shani). During the period of Sade Sani, natives may experience laziness, mental stress, disputes, problems due to ailments and enemies. Losses due to theft, fire, and death of elders in the family may occur. Sani in the first or second house causes ailments related to head, heart and legs, fear of the wicked and hardships for sons.

What is Sade Sani or Elenati Sani?

The period of seven and half year during which Sani transits through the first, second and twelfth houses from the position of the moon is called Sade Sani or Elenati Sani.

Sade Sani is made up of three periods of approximately two and half years each with Sani spending two and half years in each of the houses. Sade Sani is calculated from the moon considering the importane of the moon. Sade Sani begins when Sani is 45 degrees behind the exact natal Moon's position. When Sani moves 45 degrees ahead of the Moon's natal position, the Sade sani period ends. For accurately predicting the effects of Sade Sani, one have to check the these points in the natal chart. The aspect between Sani and Moon, the aspect between Sani and the lagna, the aspect between Sani and Ravi, the six fold strength of all the planets, the strength of rasi are some of the key topics to be observed.

Sade Sani during a life time

In general, the Sade Sani period occurs three times during the life time of a native. However, it should be remembered that the character differs in each of the cycle.

The first cycle of Sade Sani is extremely intense. During this period, a native may experience physical pain and face obstacles and hardships of numerous kinds.

In the second cycle of Sade Sani, it exerts mediocre influence compared to the first cycle and during this period, natives can succeed through physical struggle and labor. However, despite mental difficulties, their wordily progress continues. There is every possibility of separation.

The third cycle inflicts extremely harsh results. During this period, a person may face tremendous physical hardships. There will be illness and even fear of death is indicated. Only fortune natives survive during this period.

Traditional remedies

Traditional remedies during the operational of Sade Sani

The native should be very much sincere and honest while performing the above remedies without any sort of apprehension to please the Lord Shani Bhagavan. However, by doing the above remedies, the native will be able to nullify the negative effects to only ninety percent the rest is to be faced by the native depending upon the karma that he did in the past life.

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