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How to choose your favorable day and lagna?

Vedic astrology prescribes auscipicious periods to initiate activities of our life. These include, right from conception to death, such as education, profession, business, negotiations, trade, travel, house warming etc., related individuals. Vedic astrology can guide a particular individual to initiate a specific activity at a specific time, which is very much conducive for the success of the endeavor.

Choosing your favorable day

Count the stars (a) from your birth star to that of the specific day in question and add the number denoted by the Thithi (b) ruling the day to the above (a). Now, add to these a+B, the number of the week day(c) counting from Sunday. Multiply the grand total (a+b+c) by 4 and the divide the product by 9. the remainder number indicates the over all effect of the day, the particular native will experience on that day. For various reminders, various effects are assigned as under:

Reminder - Effect

1 - Uneasiness, non-cooperation
2 - Prosperity
3 - Criticism by others
4 - Family welfare and help from relatives
5 - Help and gain through women
6 - Comforts
7 - Lack of peace, confusion
8 - Sickness, discomforts
9 - Wise counsel, worship, dardhrsan of Guru

(When there is no remainder and the final product is exactly divisible by 9)

Let us see the example:

Consider an individual with birth-star Poorvaphalguni looking for the effect of the day November 25, 2009. Star of that was Satabhisham, thithi was Ashtami, and the day was Wednesday.

a=14,b=8 and c=4

a+b+c = 26 and now multiplying by 4, we get 26x4 comes to 104 and dividing by 9 =11 with remainder is 5.

As said above 5 indicate help and gain through women'. In general, it can be inferred that good effects will be dominant. In similar way, you can also assess any day and find its suitability to your birth star.

Assessing the strength of the lagna for a given time:

Like the previous calculation, count the stars from your birth star to that of the specific day (a) in question and then add (b) the number of Thithi ruling the day and then add (c) the number of the day week counting from Sunday. To these add the number of the lagna (d) (rising at the specific time in question) counting from Aries an dive the grand total (a+b+c+d) by 8 and various remainders denote various effects for that specific lagna.

Remainder - Effect

1 - Discomforts
2 - Fortune, fulfillment of hopes
3 - Pleasant travel
4 - Non-Cooperation and unnecessary interference
5 - Gain
6 - Gain, help from others
7 - Loss and obstacles
8 - Destruction and delays(when there in remainder and the total is exactly divisible by 8)

Let us see an example:

At 6am, on November 25, 2009, Libra was rising. So the number of the lagna is 7 (d). Now add a+b+c+d+ that comes to 33 and by dividing by 8 ie., 33/8=4 with remainder 1. Remainder 1 denotes discomfort and illness. So, this lagna can be avoided. The above are only general indications to assess the suitability of a day and lagna. Deep analysis of Muhurtha is called up while considering very important ventures of life.

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