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Impact of Moon in 2009 and Moola Mantras for 12 Rasis

Numerology increases the importance of numbers in our daily lives. As we all know, every number will have its own vibrations and Numerology tells us which number is what for us. The year 2009 whem summed up to a single digit (base number) gives us 2 - a number that represents Moon. Moon is the Lord of Karkataka Rasi and it is a watery sign and trikona rasis are Vruschika, Meena. That is the reason why Karkataka, Vruschika and Meena Rasi natives will have something special during the year.

During the year 2009 with the blessing of Lord Shiva, positive tendencies are more. Natives of various Rasis are advised to recite the following mantras and recite them during Sukla Paksha Monday by sitting before Lord Shiva. They will witness good results in a shortest period. Natives whose desires not fulfilled or marriages that were canceled during the last year are advised to recite any of the following mantras for 108 times.

Om Lokeswaraya namaha
Om Tripuramtakaya namaha
Om Trilochanaya namaha
Om Trinetraya namaha
Om Trisooladhari namaha
Om Tyambakaya namaha
Om Trinaya namaha
Om Srikantaya namaha

Mesha Rasi

Om Asutoshaya namaha
Om Ardhanareeswara namaha
Om Ambikantaya namaha
Om Anantaya namaha
Om Lohitaya namaha

Vrushaba Rasi

Om Umapati namaha
Om Ekalingee namaha
Om Viswaroopaya namaha
Om Vyomakesaya namaha
Om Vasudevaya namaha
Om Visweswaraya namaha

Mithuna Rasi

Om Kailasavaasi namaha
Om Krupanidhi namaha
Om Haraya namaha

Karkataka Rasi

Om Damarobaajaaya namaha
Om Haharaya namaha

Simha Rasi

Om Mahadevaya namaha
Om Maheswaraya namaha
Om Mahalaalaya namaha
Om Mahableswaraya namaha

Kanya Rasi

Om Papavimochakaya namaha
Om Parameswaraya namaha
Om Pasupati namaha
Om Naresaya namaha

Tula Rasi

Om Tandavakrtya namaha
Om Tanunapati namaha
Om Tarakaya namaha
Om Rudraya namaha
Om Rameswaraya namaha

Vruschika Rasi

Om Neelakantaya namaha
Om Nikhileswaraya namaha
Om Nagarajaya namaha
Om Naresaya namaha
Om Namdeeswaraya namaha
Om Yakshaswaroopaya namaha

Dhannus Rasi

Om Bhujanbhooshanaya namaha
Om Bhagavate namaha
Om Bheemaya namaha
Om Bhargavaya namaha
Om Bhairavaya namaha
Om Bhaktavatsalaya namaha

Makara Rasi

Om Jagannadhaya namaha
Om Jatadhaari namaha
Om Jagatvyasi namaha
Om Jagadguru namaha
Om Gangadharaya namaha
Om Gireesaya namaha
Om Giriprayadaya namaha
Om Bholenadhaya namaha

Kumba Rasi

Om Sankaraya namaha
Om Sambunadhaya namaha
Om Sambhave namaha
Om Siddeswaraya namaha
Om Sasirekhaya namaha
Om Saswataya namaha
Om Samharakaya namaha
Om Gowripati namaha
Om Shaktipriyaya namaha
Om Sarveswaraya namaha

Meena Rasi

Om Chandrasekharaya namaha
Om Devadhidevaya namaha
Om Digambaraya namaha
Om Digambaraya namaha

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