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Star signs that are favorable for marriages

Here is a list of Janma nakshatrams and their favorable stars presented in a simple list format for your easy check. Checking the favorable stars, amongst others, is an important aspect in finding the compatibility of people before marriage. Readers are also adviced to check star signs that are not favorable for marriages too.

Janma nakshatram: Favorable stars

1. Aswini: Bharani, Arudra, Hasta, Swati, Sravanam, Satabhisham

2. Bharani: Aswini, Punarvasu, Uttara, Chitta, Visakha, Uttarashada, Dhanista, Poorvabhadra

3. Krutika 1: Aswini, Bharani, Arudra, Hasta, Swati, Sravanam, Satabhisham

Krutika 2,3,4: Rohini, Pushyami, Swati, Anuradha, Satabhisham and Uttarabhadra

4. Rohini: Krutika, Aslesha, Visakha, Jeysta, Poorvabhadra and Revati

5. Arudra: Bharani, Punarvasu, Pubba, Jeysta, Poorvashada, Revati

6. Punarvasu 1,2,3: Aswini, Arudra, Makha, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashada

Punarvasu 4: Aswini, Krutika, Pushyami, Uttara, Moola, Uttarashada

7. Pushyami: Bharani, Rohini, Aslesha, Hasta, Poorvashada, Sravanam

8. Aslesha: Aswini, Krutika, Pushyami, Uttara, Moola, Uttarashada

9. Makha: Rohini, Arudra, Pubba, Swati, Sravanam, Satabhisham

10. Pubba: Krutika, Mrugasira, Punarvasu, Makha, Visakha, Uttarashada, Dhanista, Poorvabhadra

11. Uttara 1: Rohini, Arudra, Makha, Pubba, Swati, Sravanam, Satabhisham

Uttara 2,3,4: Arudra, Pushyami, Hasta, Anuradha, Jeysta, Poorvabhadra, Revati

12. Hasta: Punarvasu, Aslesha, Uttara, Jeysta, Poorvabhadra, Revati

13. Chitta 1,2: Arudra, Pushyami, Hasta, Anuradha, Satabhisham, Uttarabhadra

Chitta 3,4: Aswini, Pushyami, Pubba, Visakha, Poorvashada, Revati

14. Swati: Bharani, Aslesha, Pubba, Visakha, Poorvashada, Revati

15. Visakha 1,2,3: Aswini, Krutika, Makha, Uttara, Anuradha, Uttarashada

Visakha 4: Aswini, Krutika, Mrugasira, Makha, Uttara, Chitta, Uttarashada

16. Anuradha: Jeysta, Poorvashada, Sravanam, Hasta, Rohini

17. Jeysta: Moola, Uttarashada, Mrugasira, Chitta, Dhanista

18. Moola: Rohini, Arudra, Hasta, Swati, Poorvashada, Satabhisham

19. Poorvashada: Krutika, Mrugasira, Punarvasu, Uttara, Chitta, Visakha, Moola, Poorvabhadra

20. Uttarashada 1: Rohini, Arudra, Uttara, Hasta, Swati, Moola, Poorvashada, Satabhisham

Uttarashada 2,3,4: Arudra, Pushyami, Swati, Sravanam, Uttarabhadra

21. Sravanam: Punarvasu, Aslesha, Visakha, Jeysta, Uttarashada, Revati

22. Dhanista : Arudra, Pushyami, Visakha, Jeysta, Uttarashada, Revati

23. Satabhisham: Bharani, Aslesha, Pubba, Jeysta, Poorvashada, Poorvabhadra

24. Poorvabhadra 1,2,3: Aswini, Pushyami, Makha, Anuradha, Moola, Satabhisham

Poorvabhadra 4: Krutika, Makha, Uttara, Moola, Uttarabhadra, Uttarashada

25. Uttarashada: Rohini, Pubba, Hasta, Poorvabhadra, Sravanam, Revati

26. Revati: Krutika, Makha, Uttara, Moola, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadra

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