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Home » Marriage » Remedies for delayed marriages and childbirth

Remedies for delayed marriages and childbirth

Many a troubled souls have experienced miracles in their lives after reciting 'Mattapalli Mangalashtakam' composed by Sri Sri Sri Mukkur Lakshmi Narasimhachariar on Lord Sri Yogananda Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy of Mattapalli in Andhra Pradesh. Recite this Mangalashtakam at least 11 times every day as a remedial measure to get rid of problems like delay in marriage and childbirth, accident, business development etc.,

//srimattapalli mangalashtakam//

mattapallinivasaya madhuranandarupine
mahayajnasvarupaya srinirusimhaya mangalam

krisnavenitatathaya sarvabhistapradayine
prahladapriyarupaya srinisimhaya mangalam

garrtasthitayadhiraya gambhiraya mahatmane
sarvarista vinasaya srinrsimhaya mangalam

rgyajussamarupaya mantrarudhayahimate
sritanam kalpavkrsaya srinrsimhaya mangalam

guhasaraya guhyaya guhyavidyasvarupine
kuharante viharaya srinrsimhaya mangalam

sripalayadrimadhasthaya nidhaya madhuraya ca
sukrapradaya devaya srinrsimhaya mangalam

tapaniyaaarahasaya tapaaatraya vinasine
natanam parijataya srinrsimhaya mangalam

rajyalakshsmya sametaya ragadvesa vinasine
mattapalli nivasaya srinrsimhaya mangalam

mukkura nrsimhadasena proktam mangalashtakam
yah pathet sraddaya bhaktya sarvapapaih pramucayate

//iti srimattapalli mangalashtakam samaptam//

Glories to the sweet, blissful Lord of Mattapalli, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, who is described in the Vedic Yagnas as the One who is attainable by the Madhu Vidya form of Bhakti Yoga. Glories to the Lord, who resides on the bank of the river Krishna, the bestower of all auspiciousness, One who is dear to those who are as devoted as prahlada. Glories to the brave majestic Lord, the dispeller of all obstacles, who resides in a mountain cave. Glories to the Lord who is seen in the four Vedas, who is seen in the mantras, who showers the desired to those who surrender to Him. Glories to the Lord, who can be experienced through esoteric Guhya Vidhya. Glories to Him, who confers happiness, who is the beautiful treasure of Mattapalli in between the two kshetras of Vadapalli and Vadadri. Glories to the secret described by the Tapaniya Upanishad; the Lord destroys the Tapa Trayas of his devotees. Glories to the Lion of Mattapalli who is ever with Raajyalakshmi and removes the feelings of greed and hatred from his devotees.

He who recites with sincere devotion, the sacred Mangalam verses, composed by the Lord and recited through Mukku Narasimha Dasan gets all his sins destroyed.

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