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Important aspects to consider for marriage compatibility

Love Marriages without astrological compatibility

Love marriage is one which is managed by the boy and the girl themselves without consulting their parents and without verifying horoscopes. It is a union of two individuals based upon mutual affection and attraction. Arranged marriages on the other hand is arranged by the third party i.e., by their parents or relatives. In the case of arranged marriages, the head of the families will taken into account of the various astrological factors before arriving to a conclusion. Love marriage presupposes intimacy and love among the boy and the girl and love should definitely precede the marriage ceremony so it could be called 'Love Marriage'.

For marital happiness, the 2nd and the 8th houses of a female horoscope must be well disposed and should not be occupied by Rahu and Ketu. And if the 7th lord in the female horoscope is debilitated or involved in inter-planetary war or if Venus is debilitated, it creates serious disruption in married life and also a terrific experience and sorrow. In such cases, it does not mean that the girl should not get married. Such a horoscope should be matched only with the horoscope of a boy who has strong 7th house, 7th lord, Venus and strong lagna. Besides very powerful Saptamsa and Navamsa positions to the above. There is a fundamental rule in astrology that if Sani or Chandra are in samasaptma, dwirdwadasabhava either in male horoscope, it will cause disruption, disappointment before marriage and failure in married life.

In many cases, where the females dislikes chastity, Venus and the Moon are normally placed together or in the shadashtaka or they occupy unhelpful Navamsa. Astrologer should not be carried away by the fact that the second house in the horoscope is very strong and therefore, the native, if a woman, will lead a happy life. In every case, the position of the planet owing to the 7th house vis-a-vis the 7th house and the Navamsa it obtains determine the happiness or otherwise of the native in every aspect, especially in relation to marriage. It is clear from the ancient texts, that love marriage was in existence in India since hundreds of centuries but they were within the parameter of tenets and taboos.

Love marriages are done obviously without verifying the charts. The responsibility of an astrologer which matching the horoscope is tremendous and he should neither shirk nor ignore them. He cannot afford to take risks whatsoever. It is known that a woman with strong 8th house makes her husband live for many years. It is indicated that the lady will lead a life, which is none better than that of an animal. An Astrologer can caution and can prescribe remedial measures. But it is only the client who is to take the initiate to overcome all the malefic tendencies.

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